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How to become an escort model

Would you like to be part of our premium escort agency NY luxury models?

While there are some guides that have been written about how to become a professional companion, there are not many that have been written for more demanding young ladies looking for information on how to become an elite curtisan.

A courtesan or high-end companion is a professional companion who cares for cultured gentlemen who are looking for much more than just a pretty face. And no one knows this better than me – I was a professional, upscale courtesan who lived for eight years in five-star hotels with some of the wealthiest and most cultured gentlemen in the world.

She is promoted to the gentlemen who seek a “real woman”, a fresh and authentic young lady for whom escorting is not her full-time career.

She is a true companion who offers emotional intimacy, mental stimulation and psychological support. Sure, she looks great in a bikini, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She’s not going to be pigeonholed as a sex object.

A high class escort model creates a very deep and special connection to her gentleman friends instead of offering a “service” and forgetting it when moving on to the next one. She makes fewer dates on a higher level to maintain her exclusivity and freshness.